Dr. Mario Beatty’s Comments

Dr Mario Beatty is Chair, Associate Professor of African-American Studies of Chicago State University. He is an authority of Ancient Kemet/Egypt and was kind enough to give the following comments.
Hotep Brother Reggie,
It’s wonderful to see Africans thinking deeply in this way about our cultural heritage. Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your theory. I will respond here in narrative form and I can provide more descriptive commentary in follow-up correspondence. First, I think it is important to clearly distinguish the two major assertions and lines of argument in your theory. One, the ANKH speaks to pre-creation, creation, and the afterlife. Two, the ANKH functions as a kind of mnemonic device to represent in abbreviated form the initial letters of the Ogdoad. I agree with your initial assertion that ANKH as life speaks to pre-creation, creation, and the afterlife. For the Ancient Egyptians, they are all simply phases or transitions of “life.” However, there are fundametal problems with the second assertion. First, the transcription of   imn into English as “Amun” is based upon an assessment of Greek pronunciation of Egyptian words during the Ptolemaic period. Since this point is so critical to your argument, you can not overlook that the Ancient Egyptian pronuncation of imn is emun (pronounce e as in beat). Moreover, the Egyptian language already has two “a” sounds: the Egyptian vulture and the extended arm. The “a” sound that begins the word ANKH is the extended arm. Of course, the initial glyph in imn is the flowering reed. Thus, from the Ancient Egyptian perspective, the word ANKH and the word Amun, although they provide the false appearance that they begin with the same sound due to how they are transcribed into English, begin with two completely different sounds. Hence, your assertion can only begin with an inaccurate premise: that the “a” in Amun is essentially the same as the “a” in the word ANKH. Second, I do not think it is accurate nor necessary to symbolically map the Ogdoad onto the ANKH symbol to prove your core thesis. Your thesis seeks to investigate more deeply what the Ancient Egyptians meant by “life.” And this is an ambitious and worthwhile project and you should consult all of the spiritual literature, wisdom texts, prayers, hymns, artistic represtentations, etc. to demonstrate the depth of the African worldview in conceptualizing “life” that clearly transcends are more limited undertandings in the West. I agree that the Ancient Egyptian conception of “life” has both a scientific and spiritual aspect and this assertion will certainly be made stronger in the process of consulting more texts. You have the makings of a great research topic here and I look forward to reading your future work.
In Maat,
Mario Beatty
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4 Responses to Dr. Mario Beatty’s Comments

  1. Just the fact that Dr. Beatty commented on this, somehow gives the theory Bro. Mabry puts forward forward a lustre it may not hither to have had. As I’m a huuuuge fan of Dr Beaty’s (and of Bro. Mabry as well) I can’t help but feel blessed just to be privy to the dialogue shared between the two. The invaluable insight put forth by Dr. Beatty made clear ramifications with Bro. Mabry’s assertions that without question must be considered and wrestled with, particularly by proponents of Bro. Mabry’s bold yet comprehensive assertions. As difficult a tapestry as this subject matter is to offer, in traversing it and navigating it, being potentially ‘half correct’ alone affords Bro. Mabry a consideration not due many. And that Dr Beatty himself took the time respond shows just how seriously Bro. Mabry perhaps…ought to be taken, as an African mind moving in, and as, it’s own agency. A rare phenomenon today…particularly in academia.

    Udja, seneb; prosperity & health.
    Maat-Hotep; an offering in Truth.

  2. admin says:

    I was formerly, First Vice President of Eastern Region ASCAC in charge of Study Groups under Maat Kheru (Ancestor) Harold Dicks, and Bro. Small. Dr. Beatty is a Board Member of the National ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization). I have known of Dr. Beatty as well as many of his colleagues because we supported Dr. Molefi Asante and the PH.D. Program at Temple which he created.

    My theory on the Ogdoad’s relationship to the Ankh is bursting with new insight. Both the Ankh and the Ogdoad ( or members of the Ogdoad )appear pre-creation, creation and Afterlife. One notion is that they can be parallel, the other is they are one of the same.

    Thank You for your comment Shakka and continue your work.
    The Nile Valley Movement is the Truth.

    You should also reach out to ASCAC, so that you may perform during their upcoming conference ind DC.

  3. Bro. Jeff says:

    Bro. Reggie,

    First, Congrats on your theory on the Secret Of The Ankh! Just a thought, After viewing your video and reading the information on this website I seemed to have made a correlation between the 9 Enneads that you highlighted in the cosmology and the 9 parts of the soul. In George GM James Stolen Legacy pages 122-125 he states that In the Egyptian Book of The Dead we find the human soul is composed of the following nine inseparable parts: Ka, Khat, Ba, Ab, Kaibit, Akhu /Khu, Sahu, Sekkem, and the Ren. Each 9 parts of the soul has attributes just like the 9 Enneads. Wallis Bulge explains them in the E.B.O.T.D Doctrine Of Eternal Life Introduction pages lv-lxxxi also the nine souls are mentioned throughout the E.B.O.T.D.

    If I can borrow from the phrase “As above so below” I think this speaks volumes to your Ankh theory and may brings it full circle by linking the Ankh’s role in cosmology to formation of the God/soul (9 Enneads) and passing on his likeness to mankind’s 9 soul counterparts.

    I would like to suggest that mankind’s quest in life is to become a living Akhu/Ankh while on earth. When the bible talks about the transfiguration of the Christ, he actually becomes a living Ankh/Akhu. (Mathew17: 1) “There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. The Christ tells his disciple the benefits of those who become living spiritual beings on earth. (Luke 9:27) “I tell you some of you will not taste death before you reach the Kingdom of Heaven” Those who become living Ahku’s will skip the judgment scene and go directly to Heaven/Amenta to join the other Khu’s and merge with God. Bro. Reggie, I agree with you when you suggest that to say that the Ankh means life is an attempt to shorten its true value & significance. The Ankh may be the master key to enlightenment & spiritual resurrection.

    I could be stretching it but I believe that our ancestors were laying out their theology within the Ankh as the symbol to explain creation and give mankind the road map to understand the beginning Seb Tepi and return to the source- The Universal God soul.



    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for reading the Blog and posting your comments. The Ankh appears in pre-creation, creation, life of mortals, preparation for death, death and the afterlife hieroglyphic texts and monument texts.

      The part that you are talking about deals with the Ankhs role in the life of the Mortal and beyond. Here you deal with the Mysteries that Man and Women have dominion over. The Egyptians or People of Kemet believed that the nine souls are parts of the mortal that have a direct connection to the creator and the Ntrs and that the life on earth have some connection as to their power.

      When the Heart is weighed against the feather of truth – The Deity Tuhuti will be there to along with Maat to Judge. In the Cosmologies especially the Hermopolis cosmology they were there in the beginning. There role as the heart/soul is tested with the confessions and decelerations is interesting because it is at this point that the soul Lives are not. Thus the appearance of the two ntrs.

      The cosmology and the interrelations of Ancient Kemet are complex and their is a continuity of cosmologies. At some point we will return to this subject but the relationship is astounding. Thank you for your post.

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