The Second Door is Opened

I will call the pathways opened by exploring the Secret of the Ankh, Doors. Later we will explore how Ani is tested in the Net as he enters doors.

Dr. George G.M. James, the Author of the Stolen Legacy is one of the most important books for the African Reader. The book is often read wrong. Sure, its good to know how and what the Greeks and Western Civilization borrowed from Africa. However this is not at all the point of the Book. The Book has a Deeper Meaning and is connected directly to the Secret of the Ankh. Here are the 10 Virtues from the Stolen Legacy. It is also part of ASCAC’s value. It was signed in honor of my Professor, Vivian Edward D. Scobie and is part of the ASCAC Study Group Guide which I participated in developing:


1. Control of Thought

2. Control of Action

3. Steadfastness

4. Identify with Higher Ideals

5. Evidence of a Mission

6. Evidence of a Call to Spiritual Order

7. Freedom from Resentment.

8. Confidence in the Power of the Master (Teacher).

9. Confidence in One’s Own Learning Abilities.

10. Preparedness for Initiation

I have searched the Ancient Text of Ancient Egypt and have found the 10 Virtues listed together in no place. However, I have found these 10 Virtues exist in every text written.

These 10 Virtues  in what humans do are much like the Khemnu/Ogdoad/Eight/Ankh – they exist at all times, yet are hidden unless needed to be explained. They are like cells in your body, not needed to be talked about unless you are ill. When humans are ill, then their virutes have to be looked at.

It seemed that people of the Nile Valley lived them and it was incorporated in everything that they did. I have found that the Greek Mystery System as Dr. George G.M. James described in the Stolen Legacy did use the 10 Virtues. There clarion call was γνῶθι σεαυτόν gnōthi seauton – Know Thyself. Also the exploration of virtues are explored in Hermetism crafts. This does not concern us, because Nile Valley Text is the origin of all of this.

The 10 Virtues is included in the creation story and thus exist in the Secret of the Ankh. In the Secret of the Ankh Video, the Memphite Theology of Shabaka was described. In the Shabaka Stone – Ptah as the creator is Ptah-Nun and Ptah-Nunet.

Read this part of the creation story and see which of these virtues exisited.

Sight, hearing, breathing – they report to the heart, and it makes every understanding come forth. As to the tongue, it repeats what the heart has devised. Thus all the gods were born and his Ennead was completed. For every word of the god came about through what the heart devised and the tongue commanded.

Thus all the faculties were made and all the qualities determined, they that make all foods and all provisions, through this word, to him who does what is loved, to him who does what is hated. Thus life is given to the peaceful and death is given to the criminal. Thus all labor, all crafts are made, the action of the hands, the motion of the legs, the movements of all the limbs, according to this command which is devised by the heart and comes forth on the tongue and creates the performance of every thing.
M. Lichtheim: Ancient Egyptian Literature, Vol.1, pp.51-55.

The Creation Story and thus the Secret of the Ankh is both scientific and spiritual. Here we see the God Ptah being born and giving birth to others in the Shabaka Stone and we find later in the text that Man/Women must master what the creative deity Ptah mastered.

So Master the Secret of the Ankh and then Memorize and begin to Master the 10 Virtues.

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