TutAnkhAmun, PiAnkhy and Shabaka the Restorers

TutAnkhAmun, Pianky and Shabaka are Restoration Kings and their names or what they did expand the definition of the Ankh as it relates to the Ogdoad. I will continuously expand on this subject as time permits.

First we look at the style and format of Tut Ankh Amun and Pi Ankh y

TutAnkhAmun – Neb Khephera Ra

secret of the Ankh

The styles are very similar – Both have the Ankh in the middle, and both have Khephera Ra – The combined names all speak of creation with Khepera, both Kings are restorers of egypt/kemet – both kings worship Amun. Amun is an Ogdoad. So the Ogdoad is in this formulation and so is the Ankh, and so is creation.

Shabaka is important because he is also a restorer and comes after Piankhy/Men Khephera Ra and he does something startling. He commits the stone, the Memphite Theology – and he has Ptah as Ptah-Nun and Ptah Nunet, thus fusing Ptah with the Ogdoad.

To be continued

More later.

Coming soon. Read the Second Door Opened post until update

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