Summary of the Implications ANKH Paradigm

No longer can the ANKH symbol be viewed with the flat definition of Life. It has to be viewed with the MultiDimensional View of its direct relationship to the Primordial Deities  or Scientific Principals of Amen/Amenet,Nun/Nunet,Kuh/Kuhket,Heh/Hehet.

The Study of Ancient Kemet/Egypt must be both Scientific and Spiritual. It cannot be complete if both or not observed at the same time. We must go past the pure scientific study and certainly past the pure religious observation. Both done individually will not help us understand the Kemetic Personality and the real wonders of Ancient Kemet/Egypt.

In my 24 year observation of people involved in Ancient Egypt, I have seen the pure spiritual practitioners, the intellectuals, the scientist and engineers, the archeologist, the astronomers,  the linguist. None of this does any justice to Ancient Kemet – an expanded and fresh look beginning with the so called “Chaos Gods”/Ogdoad/Khemenu must take place.

So we must re orientate our thinking, so that we are not “paradigm blinded” and rediscover Ancient Kemet/Egypt.

Using my expanded definition of the ANKH in relationship to the Ogdoad, we see the scientific and spiritual forces play together in the beginning of beginnings (before the Big Bang) bringing forth Matter and Galaxies (During the Big Bang), Life itself (After the Big Bang), The Stability of life (Gravity, Evolution,  Plant/Animal/Human Life) and the Transition of Energies (life and death, Energy Transitions). The Ancient Kemetic formula including Maat (order), Tehuti (Vibration) holding the ANKH – Amen/Amenet (The Hidden spark of Life and its opposite), Nun/Nunet(primordial matter and its opposite), Ku/Kuket (Darkness and its opposite), Heh/Hehet (Infinity and its opposite) along with the creation of Ptah (the concept of God himself or the Creative force of Life and Matter), Atum (the science of the Atom) and finally the Enneand or the 9 Deities creates new possibilities of  understanding of Science and Spirituality and how humans can relate to this understanding. The fact is that for 4 thousand years – Nile Valley Civilization did just this and all of Western Civilization stands on this accomplishments. Western Civilizations destruction of Nile Valley Civilization has left a void in the dimensions of human understanding and has created a paradigm of scientific and spiritual separation. I am not calling at all for a new religion or a religion of praying to the deities of Egypt. I am calling for an understanding of the the qualities and attributes of the deities of Egypt and the application to Human Society. Praying to the Deities is not necessary when there is a Devotion to the Qualities and Attributes of the Deities because it is science. No Scholars as put it best in the 21st century then Prof. James Small. We are God having a Human Experience. So that we are the qualities and attributes of the elements that created the concept of God and we are its expression.

All of this becomes even more important because we have the Dogon and its version of the Ogdoad to look at. The similarities of creation and the “First Time” is incredible.  It may be very well that the cosmology of the Ancient Egyptians is saved in the living culture of the Dogon and Nommo. The Nommo or their Ogdoad also connected to a primeval water and are depicted as water animals.  The Nommo Amma is often compaired to Amen.

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