Hotep, My name is Bro. Reggie.

The Secret of the Ankh was discovered during a conversation between myself, Sekou Fortune and Anthony Jordan. Sekou and myself were discussing the importance of Ogdoad in its relation to the “First Time” (Sp Tepi) and the whole concept came together when I simply combined the first letters of the 4 pairs. However, at first it seemed that it was just a coincidence but I began a search for further evidence of the Ogdoad and its relationship to the Ankh or was their a relationship. In all the three major cosmogonies the Ankh appeared and also the Ogdoad. It was Tutankamun’s Nwst Bity name Neb Kephera Ra in the the Ankh which was startling and then finally – the other restorer Shabaka who in the Shabaka Stone put the The Eight,the Ogdoad in the mouth of Ptah as he was becoming.

This understanding of the Ankh and its relationship to the cosmogonies of ancient Egypt is a door that will open up the Mystery Systems. As Ptah existed in Nun/Nunet and was suspended in animation having the Seeing of the Eyes, Hearing of the Ears and Smelling of the Nose but it was the Heart/Mind that caused Ptah to emerge – so does this happen with us. It is the Mastery of Thought and Action – Sia and Hu that is at the heart of the Mysteries.

This work is a result of over 24 years being exposed to the work of Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Jr., Prof. James Small, The Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization (ASCAC), the First World Alliance and the Harlem Community. In Ascac, I held the positions of Sergent at Arms of Eastern Region, First Vice President in Charge of Study Groups, Easter Region. For Ascac, I also was a participant in the planning of the 1986 National Conference and an Officer during the 1987 National Conference in Aswan, Egypt. I am also a member of the Sons of Africa.

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